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Contemporary Houses

Corcuera, Antonio. Konemann, 2006.
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This vacation home on the eastern edge of Long Island has only the minimum impact on its surroundings, despite its enormous 900 m2 (9700 sq ft) surface area. The house's L shape and its orientation allow it to take advantage of the incline terrain and the view. The bedrooms are in one wing of the house and the communal areas are in the other, which is comprised of an overhang with floor-to-ceiling windows from which the splendid panoramic view can be seen. The entryway is located on the highest part of the property at the joint of the house's two wings. A third section contains the garage and additional space. The apertures along the street-side facade are asymmetrical; the floor-to-ceiling windows along the main overlook the splendor of the Atlantic. Wood is the principal material used, its warmth contrasting with metallic elements and exposed concrete of the communal areas.