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Energy sources are getting harder to tap and costs are rising unpredictably. A deep well of knowledge exists for constructing comfortable, healthy and energy efficient buildings which can reduce long term operational costs as well as maximize comfort. We are steadfast in our architectural practices of pragmatic response and this is especially true in sustainability. Our office is trained in contemporary practices, namely LEED and Passive House, and we use this knowledge base as a toolbox to apply relevant ideas where they matter most. Our design process looks at the project across the spectrum of scales from site strategy to construction detailing, always using the common sense approach.

For new construction we evaluate energy sources, site strategy, material choices and mechanical strategies. For renovation work we look to see if improvements can be made without invasive work. LEED informs our work in defining a broad scope of areas to help improve a project’s embodied energy and how it relates to social context. Passive House principles inform our construction as a highly tuned combination of analytic tools and building practices with the sole goal of reducing energy use down to a fraction of the norm. Our experience in these schools of thought gives us powerful tools that are folded into our design process; it’s where the tested theory becomes the pragmatic response.

- Solar orientation and natural shading strategies
- Air tight enclosure
- Mechanical ventilation
- Thermal bridge free construction
- Alternative energy sources, including solar and geothermal
- Prefabricated components, such as SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)