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Frame Magazine

“Ghost Stories.” Nendo. July/August 2009.
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Oki Sato of Nendo imbued the Friedman Benda gallery space in New York with an air of suspense generated by his phantom-like Cabbage Chairs, which starred in Sato’s show, Ghost Stories. Making good use of the softly lit space, Sato suspended 6800 white threads from the ceiling and displayed 40 chairs that virtually merged into their surroundings. Because the threads were partly coloured black –at different heights– light from behind them produced shadows that gave the space itself a pleated appearance. Sato says he used light not for illumination but to make white appear and black disappear. Visitors entering the New York gallery saw chairs standing on a sloping white surface. As they wandered though the interior, they observed shadows cast by threads and the pleated edges of Sato’s chairs seemingly melting away in the fragmented light.