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Dan’s Papers

“Imaginative and Delightful Real Estate Gems." Cheviot, Janine. October 2007.
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Far from the multitude of classic cedar-shake shingled McMansions that occupy the East End, there are homes on the Hamptons real estate market that are original and available, if you look hard enough.

We may not be able to control the elements of nature, but a three-bedroom home in Montauk specifically designed to provide the ultimate in light, sun and air is as good as it gets and currently for sale. "The entire house is oriented on the property to relate to the sun during the different seasons," the home's architect, Robert Young, explained. "The exact angle of the glass wall and overhang along the back of the house to the sun was precisely calculated so that in the summer months the sunlight reflects off the deck and doesn't cause a glare, and in the winter months, when the sun is lower in the sky, the overhang doesn't block the sunlight." Mr. Young chose to situate the driveway and entrance to the home on the north side of the property so the house faces south, making what would normally be the front yard the backyard. This allows an abundance of natural sunlight to enter each room in the house.

Although the home is equipped with central air conditioning, Mr. Young believes it to be unnecessary because the "long and skinny" design of the house offers plenty of cross ventilation, which creates a natural cooling effect in each room. The light and airy ambience is accented with stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry, bleached white oak floors and a steel stairway with tension cable railing, making this home a refreshing slice of heaven available right here on the East End.